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European royal treasures were gone into mass plaything billionaires identity signs

Hidden in the deep of the royal palace treasures, and never only maharajahs plaything. Ordinary people, the pleasure is lucky as are. However, people found that in recent years, more and more European royal treasures from the auction or sell out into the form such as GongQiang, folk, become the noble title billionaires did not reveal the identity and a signboard. It gives ordinary people to see GongQiang high in mysterious and extravagant life, vaguely also seems to smell Europe between royal decrepit some giving.
Queen Elizabeth ii's niece and nephew to auction mother princess Margaret left after the death of jewelry and furniture etc pay inheritance tax after news of the allied buyers, attracting attention. Media reports, this is scheduled for June 13, 14, two days of auction will become a British past 20 years the biggest royal treasure auction. As early as in 1987, Britain the duchess of Windsor jewelry in Geneva sold 31 million pounds of day price, price higher than estimated nearly seven times.

Set a day price lined up to bid

Princess Margaret is queen Elizabeth ii's sister, died in 2002 after the children to leave value about 7.6 million pounds ($13.99 million) of heritage, and her daughter, wife and son Sarah security, David LinLi viscount decided to auction to pay part heritage of about 3 million pounds of the estate tax, they also will be a part of the money to charity.

The auction items have a plan more than 800 pieces, including jewelry, furniture and works of art, etc, almost every item is moving story behind. According to the report, the auction scenes, some unusually hot items on a final price is actually, appraisal 100 times. For example a gilt brooch rose, appraisal only 50 pounds and finally to sell more than 5000 pounds.

It is reported, in the auction, there have been 90 before the start of the DuoRen registered as a telephone bidder, this set a record of the auction house Christie's. Christie's June 13, 14, two days in London auction these items. Before an auction, the auction house also in Geneva, Hong Kong, Moscow, New York and some British cities held before the exhibition take. Christie's jewelry department chief Raymond SangKe, baker, rove said, some wealthy Japanese, German and French to the auction showed great interest.

The auction house estimate these items about value 2 million to 3 million pounds, this is only the actual value of the goods, and the final auction results show that the auctioneer clearly undervalued the populace to the royal items to enthusiasm, more than 700 items on a total more than 1300 pounds of day price, is almost 6 times of future prices.

According to the report, the son of princess Margaret, 44, of LinLi viscount auction results feel "very excited", his expected price is only 200 to 3 million pounds, and the final far more than the number at auction. "This is a historic auction, the auction results also set a record". Responsible for the auction house Christie's said President Chester.

The auction site a new upsurge repeatedly

The auction in 13 came in first, on the same day a has sold 595 items, a total of 9.6 million pounds on a. The second day of the results have not common, clinch a deal valence is as high as 4 million pounds.

13, the first thing on that day, the auction items is a set of George v used card holder, appraisal is between $1800 and $2761, but in the end it sold for $24294, almost as much as the day of the estimated price 10 times. And a shop to have a velvet chair bidding climax. As everyone knows, this piece of wood chair with a historical value and collection value. It is designed for 1937 years the coronation of the queen Mary to order. Wood chair at the end of the $70000, clinch a deal valence is 100 times of the future prices.

The enthusiasm of the bidding auction in the second day unabated. The auction began, a delicate cigarette by people eventually, eventually more than the price of all fry attracted an initial bid clinch a deal. This is a pure gold set auger, the diamond of the cigarette case on foot nine heavy carat, is the father of the princess Margaret king George vi gave her Christmas presents. In the above is also a word: "from her engraved with deep love dad."

Mary queen gift most

In the auction items, princess Margaret to official identity gift, there are also a lot of her own private collection, the princess of the auction a few friends, that is so much more personal items surprised.

It is reported, in order to avoid the scandal provoked, the queen before an auction also personally requirements, all real gifts auction income must be given to charity. The queen to do so is because there are lessons drawn from others' mistakes, in a few years ago, prince Charles, assistant had sold for royal gifts to line their pockets, and British royal draws people's criticism.

In the private collection of princess, people found the princess Margaret grandmother, queen Mary gave her gift is very much. One of the ruby set auger ring is especially noteworthy, it is the son of princess Margaret LinLi viscount married Mary queen gave her gift to the queen, princess Margaret said: "if you lost a son, then you should get something as compensation." In this only gem ring, carrying the queen Mary to love and considerate daughter thick. In addition there is a valuable diamond necklace, and that is to the present queen Mary granddaughter. In addition to a made in 1900, is also Faberge antique desk clock queen Mary gave her gifts. Desk clock auction--1.24 million, 13 day to set the highest auction items.

A 10 inches tall glass the cross is the mother, princess Margaret from the queen mother's gift. It ReneLalique engineers from France in 2001, is the hand of the king of the queen mother to Margaret Easter gift, but only after a year, the queen mother just died, so most memorable. And cross the king and queen mother sells together at that time to younger daughter of a letter, a top write a way: "this Laliqu

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