Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here except diamond jewelry prices

Kimberly is domestic earlier diamond jewelry ring brand, its perfect quality and after-sales service, by many people, and have a thorough understanding of the welcome the kimberley diamond ring, you will also find that the kimberley diamond ring the price is not generally expensive, kimberley diamond ring price why so expensive? Brand value can not be ignored
First look at the following contrast
The kimberley diamond ring, diamond 19 points, color, clarity, F, circle, from cutting VS1, au750, diamond ring price 7200 yuan
Costly gem diamond, diamond 30 points, color, clarity, F, circle, diamond cutting VS1 price 4352 yuan

If the jewelry and the price is "ring net 2000, 30 points of the diamond ring as long as 6352 yuan price, 19 points to 7200 yuan price kimberley diamond ring, this is in color clarity and cut the same circumstances, diamond ring is so big prices are?

Here except diamond jewelry prices, after the effect can be roughly divided into diamond ring design and brand value of reason. For the diamond ring is just out if the design style of words, prices vary more and maybe, if the old one is there is no possibility of, in the information age, social, new style of diamond ring soon will soon be the businessman copy to come out, so no advantage talk about any value.

As is well kimberley diamond jewelry ring brand, in addition to itself has the high quality products and after-sales service, the publicity of outside blots out the advertising also have significant relationship, the high cost, publicity gold section, the kimberley rent expense will be out? Can't, all these consumer to buy. The kimberley diamond ring expensive it is natural that the brand value of, can not be ignored.

Will man living not must choose the brand diamond ring, two, three line merchants diamond ring can also achieve the same level and the service, such as diamond bird, costly gem nets etc, why not do it?

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