Sunday, January 29, 2012

Emerald Rings: The Epitome of Elegance

Emerald rings are the first and last choice of most of the women. The rich green colour of these gorgeous rings takes away your heart. The green colour is what separates them from other rings and sets them apart from the crowd. Only the wearer knows about the charm of wearing an emerald ring. These heavenly beautiful rings take you to some other world and there you cross all the limits of fanaticizing. This article will guide you to buy the perfect rings.

Beryl is a mineral which is used in the composition of an emerald ring. The green appearance of an emerald ring is due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. A slight amount of chromium is mixed with Beryl during composition. All the emerald owners should note that oil must be used to keep an emerald shining and alive forever. As per many of the experts in the field of jewellery, oil acts as an intensifier of the green colour. Do not ever keep your emerald in an ultrasonic machine as it would result in Silver Tone Butterfly Dangled Black Beads removal of oil off the surface of emerald and would make it look dull and shady. For the purpose of cleaning, you better use a soft piece of cotton cloth and let the emerald shine forever.

You might have to pay more than a diamond if an emerald is of the highest quality. Yes, the high quality emeralds come up with inclusions which can be seen only with the help of a magnifying glass. These inclusions are not visible to naked eyes. The rich green colour in an emerald is the parameter used for determining the quality of this gemstone. As per the experts, the darker the green colour, the better the emerald is. Although, Bronze Tone Vintage Mesh Earring there are lot many qualities associated with emeralds but their fragile nature is always considered to be a drawback. An emerald demands too much of care. It is advised not to wear your piece of emerald while you are involved in outdoor sports or anything like that. Also, do not wear them while you are doing some domestic chores.

The drop-dead beautiful emerald rings are made using the gemstones found in Columbia. Also, gemstones Resin Bead Chandelier Earring found by the American jewellers have also been used in making of these rings. All in all, an emerald ring can prove to be of great use if you buy from a trusted dealer.

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