Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why Men Should Choose the Eye Catching Black Titanium Rings on the Market Today

There used to be a time when jewellery and rings were solely worn by women and men wearing any form of jewellery was thought of as girly or effeminate. Soon there was a desire from self styled modern men to start wearing jewellery and especially rings. Nowadays more men than ever before wear rings and that is sure to continue.

Worn by celebrities and musicians jewellery and rings are now viewed as status symbols of prosperous people.

For masculine rings that will stand the test of time titanium can't be beaten. Titanium is the toughest naturally occurring metal, which of course makes it perfect for making men's rings. As well as being super durable titanium is likewise scratch and corrosion repellent it's also very lightweight with a comfortable fit.

If you're a man that wants a ring Rhinestone Gold Plating Rings Set  that as well as being comfortable can also stand firm against the bumps and knocks of everyday living titanium is the ideal choice.

When it comes to choosing a titanium ring there are lots of extraordinary designs and styles from which you can pick out the appropriate ring from. A recent trend and now popular choice is to have a ring created from black titanium. This is the same as standard titanium in all ways except for its rich and dark tone of black providing the titanium with a rugged appearance.
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With black titanium rings there is a huge variety and diversity of options available. The least complicated and most common is a ordinary black titanium dome shaped band. These bands are especially preferred as wedding bands as they are a basic yet fashionable addition to the wardrobe of men who don't normally wear rings. At the other end of the scale are the more lavish and exuberant diamond studded and gold inlay rings,Fashion Stud Earring Wholesale  which are tailored more to individuals who want to stand out from the crowd.

I believe the reason black titanium rings are now so popular is because they provide a chic alternative to the common grey titanium rings and are also not too flamboyant and bright like the more established gold and silver rings worn by most individuals.

One significant element to remember when you pick out your black titanium ring is to find what techniques have been used in the colouring of the titanium to give it its typical black apperance. There are two main techniques which are used to colour titanium and make that deep, dark black colour that everyone loves. A common technique utilised for a less expensive ring is to apply a coating to the ring and while these coatings have developed in quality over time it is still possible to mark the ring by skimming it on a tough surface. The black titanium ring you will want is one that has been produced by blending ordinary grey titanium with an alloy to give it its recognisable black colour. Rings manufactured utilising this second method are black throughout and therefore will retain their colour irrespective of how many grazes and bumps it gets.

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