Thursday, May 19, 2011

cadmium jewelry recalls some that some jewelry including activities

American jewelry retailers Tween Brands Inc (TWB) reached a settlement agreement, will effectively from bracelet, necklace and other jewelry to remove toxic metal cadmium, this is the first study to similar the settlement agreement. The settlement agreement covers in California sell jewelry products, but given the size of its market, this agreement is actually be Tween Brands in nationwide company policies. The agreement covers for children, teenagers and adults of jewellery, beyond the girls under the age of 13, this one age category after age category become consumer worried focus. In the past one year, jewelry cadmium content exorbitant problems triggered consumer such fears mood.
In July last year, Tween Brands recalled about 13.7 million production in China's jewelry, reason is that these higher levels of cadmium jewelry, but the company had not exact revealed detailed data. Although from the recall activity test results released has not publicly, but in America, the consumer products safety commission (CPSC) last year's coordination under the arrangement, jewelry industry with the other five times the recall activities, cadmium jewelry recalls some that some jewelry including activities of cadmium quantity over 90%.
According to the settlement agreement, beginning in 2012, if Tween Brands the sale of cadmium amount more than the jewelry, then 0.03% will face fines. The settlement agreement still needs through a state judge approval to take effect, but it almost never in such cases is a question.
According to the lawsuit is Tween Brands by California Environmental Health Center (industry organization Center for Environmental be) mention, the group has been using the state provisions of the regulations on Proposition 65 to force companies to reduce harmful material content of consumer goods. Environmental health center said the organization has in the past one year to other at 39 retailers or jewelry supplier filed a lawsuit about the cadmium content on Friday, and hopes the total prosecutors submitted to California the settlement agreement will become these lawsuits template.
Environmental health center representative lawyer with some other companies still in the negotiations. The organization research chief Caroline - Cox (Caroline Cox) says: "Tween Brands is (in case the cadmium content reach a settlement agreement), the company pioneer and the right to do it." Environmental health center, said the organization in February 2010 Tween Brands in its store in the purchase jewellery, these jewelry of cadmium content, this is causing 69 percent Tween Brands of the organization launched lawsuits for interconnections.

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