Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the world diamond group ray pie potter during march this year

 According to understand, from January, international diamond purchase price has even rose four times, nearly 30 percent cumulative growth; Since march, 1 to 3 carat naked drill is become market "JinQiaoHuo".
"51" little holiday, diamond market prices before all already high expectations. Costs, the world diamond group ray pie potter during march this year will be blank drill average offer 7%, of whom 1 hike 50-carat diamond of 7.7 percent rise; Industry insiders estimated retail price is likely to continue to rise in diamond the end of the year. And the domestic market demand, investment demand rose wedding, diamond also contributed to the increase. Last year, according to figures through the Shanghai diamond exchange customs import and export and the diamond trade amount within 28.61 billion dollars, total year-on-year increase; 88.1% Industry insiders revealed last year, from early may to present, the national diamond sales breakthrough 10 billion yuan.

Investment guest "hot money" is also pushing up the price of some factors; drilling Currently diamond realizable channels increasingly unobstructed. Many business to purchase price for at least three years of diamonds "buyback", individual businessman even at the price increases 3% each year commitment the price counter-purchase.

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