Wednesday, May 11, 2011

jewelry market has begun to heat up. Recently

Winter has come, jewelry market has begun to heat up. Recently, the reporter understands from chiba jewelry collection, more than 1000 star grade carat has begun to big drill arrived in Beijing is expected in chiba jewelry in Beijing this month 9, start so far the biggest domestic scale, the number of the most abundant carat big drill __12__ activities. The event began in succession from Beijing, after all major cities across the country for consumers, it will __12__ bring "thousand commemorative collection level carat drill collective appearance" visual feast, and lifted the consumption boom domestic carat drill.

According to reporter understanding, numerous, rich, consultant grade level of service is this carat guide the main characteristics of large drill the tour. Soda watericials say, with the jewelry market continued to be hot, diamond has become one of the most stable the most fashionable investment trends, collect carat especially large carat drill drill more and more people. SOGO department store ChongWenMen SOGO department in chiba counters, for example, due to set up a big drill away results chakra attracted many domestic provinces consumers come and buy, which will carat drilling as collection, depreciation accounted for considerable proportion.

"Domestic most jewelry store mainly sales dozens of points below normal diamond, broken auger primarily, carat 8.0-magnitude drill design level is not abundant enough is complete, bring a lot of inconvenience to consumers choose." Chiba, jewelry, "and chiba head talked about upcoming carat drill __12__ activities, first, will showcase xidan shopping center thousands more single level abundant grams of Latin America on the drilling, a number of record of domestic diamond __12__. Plus a one-on-one consultant level consulting service, ensure excellent for investment collection of consumer demand, provides a more abundant and professional choice."

As is known to all, every 250 tons to kimberley rock out one carat diamond mining original embryo, and to work out one carat jewelry, more precious beauty of class drill scarcity. In all of this massive __12__, are from Latin America drill's exclusive diamond jewelry Belgium chiba library. This batch of carat drill and color are experienced studs are strict filtration, the top diamond in Belgium, master carefully cut from every diamond blossomed out most glittering "fire colour", gleam a diamond soul. Such high quality diamonds, undoubtedly have higher collection and transmitting the value.

Industry insiders say, the global diamond resources every year, the future will continually reduce faced no drill recoverable situation. So carat diamond prices are rising by about 10 percent a year, and the extent of the high quality carat collection level rise more drilling in 15%. For domestic consumers, this tour exhibition held in chiba, jewelry, not only can make the public to luxury honourable carat experience more broad consumer feast, provides an authoritative trading platform, restricted by great demand

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