Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The annual collection summer is peak season for jewelry auction

The annual collection summer is peak season for jewelry auction, following the May Fair in Shenzhen fine jade jewelry show, the annual three places fine jade jewelry exhibition recently held in Shanghai City God jewelry, collectibles investors' Zero "Understanding the investment hot spot and jade jewelry market.The Exhibition by the Gem & Jewelry Trade Association of China jade branch of organized Jewelry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Cheng Huang contractors, industrial guild jewelry from Taiwan, Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, Zhejiang Gem & Jewelry Trade Association and Suzhou Arts and Crafts Association jade experts Committee co-co. The exhibits are all the previous known as Chinese jade carving industry's most authoritative "Heavenly Prize" winners, won from 2002 to 2010, winning a total of Ninth Heavenly Prize in Gold, Silver , Bronze, best Craftsmanship Award and Prize for the best creative work more than 30 pieces of jade, including 11 gold. Each collection are repeated scrutiny by experts, carefully selected from many collections out fine. Cheng Huang and ultimately exhibits jewelry Zhendian treasure "perfect match" Jade Suite. Bracelets and pendants are from the same piece of material, moist and perfect, kind of color, wealth and perfect. Was a classic elegant bracelet round, simple and unconventional, highlights the extraordinary atmosphere Zoran Jade charm and attractive.

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