Sunday, June 19, 2011

Diamond in the strong will be issued under ultraviolet light blue light

Diamond in the strong will be issued under ultraviolet light blue light or yellow light, etc have colored light intensity, this kind of phenomenon called fluorescence phenomenon, since have weak, so there will be graded, diamond fluorescence level? What are those? Fluorescence level classification? How
Diamond fluorescence level
NGTC, fluorescence intensity is divided into four levels: strong, middle or weak, no. In the diamond grading report the corresponding column or note of fluorescent intensity and fluorescence record of color,
CIBJO diamond grading standards set in a three signs: strong, middle or weak of fluorescence intensity standard samples, the fluorescent divided into: strong, middle or weak, no four grades;
GIA the fluorescence intensity, divided into strong: strong, middle or weak and no 5 levels.

Fluorescence level how to grade
Different levels of fluorescence effect only by a professional training of jewelry to recognize professionals, in grade on fluorescence, than with a color stone as a reference, and basically on fluorescence rating system has the following rules,
1, graded diamonds to the fluorescence intensity higher than standard color stone than the highest level, still using the "strong" said.
2, stay graded diamonds fluorescence intensity between two single standard, the stone than color between with among them lower level said the diamond's level
3, if need a diamond grading the fluorescence intensity and fluorescence intensity ratio of a grain of the sample, the sample same the fluorescence intensity level for graded diamonds for the fluorescence intensity level.

Understand the diamond fluorescence level, fluorescence level classification, if again after how to understand the impact of diamond fluorescence diamond, believe to be able to choose and buy the diamond has committee help.

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