Monday, June 27, 2011

As China's jade culture a special cultural phenomenon

As China's jade culture a special cultural phenomenon, bet stone historically they covered a layer of mysterious veil; And bet stone has its special way to trade and cultural tradition, enrich the jade culture connotation of potential. With nearly 10 years home bet stone market is in the ascendant, was once so dubbed a sword, a sword, poor rich a sword put on sackcloth "of the gambling ShiWenHua, caused the attention of bound is gradually, become the new hot collect investment.
Bet stone, refers to the jadeite seed materials and hetian jade of material. Seeds China has a long history, and ShiWenHua bet legend bet stone of the earliest history of the big names "s choi, and".

Bet stone is attracting interest from collectors, the key is in a "bet". Bet stone first bet is the original stone emerald skin the quality of the jade materials. Bet on who to coin money overnight,; The loser's bet, lost their shirts. This is the "crazy stone had stone" the best description. Bet stone the most attractive place is its uncertainty, even expert, also dare not easily from a judge the quality of the bet stone.
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A friend knows, the stone had to spend thousands of dollars to pick by all the expert from the good bet stone unexpectedly cut out fine material. Tracy However more, or numerous to coin money overnight in the dream people bet stone cut when the look in the eyes of the disappointment.

In fact, the source of the development ShiWenHua bet, and not to coin money overnight, but the "bet" China precipitation the one thousand jade culture. Bet stone and not gambling. ShiWenHua bet on the fundamental or jade culture, bet stone can enhance players jade appreciate level, eventually making players in the jade culture on get accumulation.
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