Thursday, June 9, 2011

China's jewelry industry 2010 platinum demand is expected to reach 51.3 tons

The duchess of Windsor said: after five o 'clock in the afternoon, you should wear platinum, only platinum is the only suitable for dinner wear the precious metal. The honour of platinum status this shows one spot. However, after migrating development of more than 10 years, platinum has now hit fashion accessories over throughout the, not only appear in each big star awards, costly party, in young people's wedding, office, also at high exposure rate.
According to international authoritative organization Johnson matthey (jm) company released late last year the platinum by the middle of 2010 yearbook, China's jewelry industry 2010 platinum demand is expected to reach 51.3 tons, the Chinese market occupy global platinum jewelry demand leap up from 1% in 1994 to 65%, and the first in the world for 11 consecutive years.

China platinum jewelry industry in platinum jewelry industry leader, and the domestic status of the platinum jewelry manufacturer and promoter of unremitting efforts are inseparable. Stars of the earliest thrusting China platinum jewelry is a typical representative of the jewelry industry development, in the early 1990 s, white storm swept across the world, star of jewelry with keen sense of smell, and rapid response, active platinum jewelry production, and with the research, development, design, production, and promote the ability to improve, and other brother enterprise together, forming a new force of platinum jewelry industry, to promote the development of China's platinum jewelry.

In 2006, the star of jewelry officially become international platinum association designated producers in the same year, the design of "clear" works, the leisurely platinum ruthenium technology, no matter the innovation design or technology, reflects the level of excellence, thus it has become the international platinum association in 2006 one of the tour works.

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Qing leisurely necklace

Based on the propagation platinum jewelry consumption culture, and promote the development of platinum jewelry, the common idea of starlight and international platinum association cooperation between the deepening strengthen. In the end, the international Platinum association chief executive Mr GaoWeiZheng, greater China director WenWanYu lady, market development director Mr. HuangYanPing etc, with the two big Anglo Platinum and Impala Platinum suppliers to star of high-level visits in Platinum jewelry, prices continue to rise, become a global center of attention at the moment, the international Platinum market any trouble will cause concern, and such a high level of international access despite keep the relatively low key, still be the attention the significant events.

In just a few hours of interaction, the parties discussed mainly focus on the following issues, from these questions, we might be able to smell of 2011 China platinum jewelry market changes slightly.

Sales in good condition, the future market development space to continue to expand

In 2010, China's total sales of platinum jewelry, up 6% of the overall economy and with China's strong growth, more consumers have the ability to buy, enjoy platinum jewelry, especially two three line of urban consumption ability increase of platinum jewelry, continuously improve the identities, platinum market is great potential for further growth.

Platinum association party of the exhibition hall. Visit stars

From the stars of jewelry and international platinum association party conversation we also learned that stars of jewelry in 2011 of the first quarter platinum jewelry sales were last year in the fourth quarter, compared with a lot of ascension, both sides expect the platinum jewelry consumption this year than last year, and a sharp growth continue to occupy the first of the China market with confidence.

International platinum association chief executive Mr GaoWeiZheng once said: "since 2000, global platinum market in China has maintained the important position, and still the greatest potential." International platinum China of WenWanYu director have also in different situation to 2011 Chinese platinum market growth expected to do: "China as the world's largest platinum jewelry consumption market, show continued growth trend, the consumers of platinum enrollment is very high also, we believe that this situation will be in future to continue.

The wedding and the wedding has gone hand in hand with the market
Platinum, with its pure, rare, precious, eternal nature, and "never fade commitments, become a symbol of" the pure beauty the perfect expression love, marriage, both of witness, platinum jewelry so market continues to buoyant in the wedding.

Recent international platinum association in five cities (Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, chengdu, shenyang) are about to be married women in the market research shows, on the market at the wedding of platinum and occupied a leading position. 90% want to purchase platinum bride-to-be as a wedding ring, most in the choice of platinum diamond ring ring's choice. This results in 2 month at the Shanghai expo also got married by people in the choose and buy new jewelry, obvious tend to platinum jewelry.

And in addition to the market, have the wedding precious material, elegant temperament and joker character of platinum jewelry is increasingly in the wedding market sparkles. Platinum pure burnish, simple sense of massiness and tenacity of quality and characteristics of the eternal charm, corresponding to the abundant connotations of women, whether it be brave, or elegant, can in the platinum wisdom in the most perfect jewelry find comments, in addition, the designers, will grasp the trend of modern elements clever is blended in among them, make platinum jewelry fashion fields in plays a vital role, and become an indispensable to People's Daily wear the trend of the single product.

International platinum association party of design department. Visit stars

Stars of jewelry to open up market with the wedding wedding platinum efforts were international platinum association affirmation, in 2011, the international association of platinum chun xia season with the wedding wedding products recommended manual, star of jewelry products impressively in the column.

Stars of jewelry in the wedding and the wedding on the development of the product with a mature experience, with the development of the market, platinum stars of jewelry will and international platinum association joint effort, to continue with platinum wedding, and to intensify the orientation of market development the wedding platinum products, in order to further expand platinum market unremitting efforts.

Platinum set products gradually into the mainstream

In the past, platinum, gold products in the market, and occupy the mainstream platinum jewelry design, process with platinum level of innovation, diamond and gem in the gleam of light, become the active factors, platinum jewelry with excellent modelling, it is taken for consumers the charm of surprise, become

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