Sunday, June 12, 2011

Custom diamond ring, at least in these areas to attract the consumer

 Many consumers no longer buy products to the mall and instead have to buy loose diamonds, custom diamond ring their favorite character. How can this wish? Pick a good time favorite drill, you can ring in hundreds of styles to choose match.
Custom diamond ring, at least in these areas to attract the consumer.
1, the customized ornaments with a unique personality and memorable. Especially as engagement, marriage or given the special gift of love diamond ring, this has the important symbolic and commemorative significance. Custom ring can be demanded by consumers in the ring the engraving text, graphics, etc., so that consumers participate in the designs, making this unique commemorative significance and value come out, even as the well-known items be passed down.
2, custom diamond jewelry styles with a relatively free choice and Luo Dan. Loose diamonds can be arbitrarily selected, can also be mounted to shore up any election can be any combination of the two. This greatly increased consumer choice, but also attract consumers to a important reasons.
3, custom diamond ring price advantage is obvious. Often than the same mall to sell 50% cheaper than diamond, even up to 70%. Because the traditional mall jewelry products occupy a large capital needs, and to bear the high shop rent , it must ensure that there are more than 100% profit margins.
4, custom diamond quality is thus guaranteed. Because the identification of the bare diamond is pretty good, and the more accurate identification results. And care products due to the impact of difficult to set accurate test, which also to some bad business provides an inferior race sufficient opportunities for good and Quejinshaoliang. and consumers is difficult to know, unless removed to identify the diamond, but often who would do that?
Zuo Kayi jewelry mall below the price of almost half the price of peers to provide customers with GIA certificates and other international certification authority certificate standard diamond Luodan, providing nearly a hundred styles for custom ring care choice, or even to meet the customer's own DIY style custom design requirements, provide details to customers for free services such as free cleaning, free polish, free of charge and free to change hand-inch lettering and other services

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