Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last week Mr. Wang in the antique market a I see jade

Spent hundreds of yuan to buy a piece of jade ornaments, wanted to in front of friends never expected but nevertheless, nevertheless it out on a. Mr. Wang said they really don't know the quality of the jade who have the final say.
Mr. Wang likes to stroll around the antique jade market at ordinary times, see now many children wore jade, they also want to buy a son to wear. Last week Mr. Wang in the antique market a I see jade, jade quality of some rather not good, asked the stall out better jade pendant. The stall to take out a few pieces of mysterious heavy packaging jade, says all is good, "generally don't know hetian jade of all don't let to see." Mr. Wang after DuoFang comparison, saw a piece of jade quan Yin, the size of almond feel good, plus the boss of the jade has been claimed to be hetian seed material, Mr. Wang decided to buy it. After some bargaining, Mr. Wang to 300 DuoYuan price to buy.
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Mr. Wang didn't expect to friends to buy nevertheless son, friends jade carefully looked at told him, this small jade pendant is not seed, but very ordinary material to the mountain of the material, about a few yuan can be bought. Mr. Wang is very surprised, got a few understand jade of acquaintances, see everyone Rhinestone Paved Hoop Earringconsidered ordinary mountain material. Mr. Wang hurriedly go back and find the stall vendors, but maintained that is material, when their debate seeds on fruit. Finally the stall, if he can tell Mr. Wang got authorities identified certificate that is not seed material he money back. Mr. Wang find out, going to national authorities appraisal, light money back and forth more than 300 DuoYuan, let alone appraisal cost, and not even don't have the time.

Jade quality exactly who have the final say? Some of the personage inside course of study introduces, 300 DuoYuan generally doesn't buy seed material, but in the jade market, the quality of the jade is commonly by eye and reputation, it is difficult to have a standard let ordinary people can clearly defined. Many people want to JianLou, this kind of situation is very few, unless the buyer very professional connoisseur.

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