Monday, June 27, 2011

The play is in danger, and is seeking the by experience by wisdom by ancestors

In the western yunnan ruili, yingjiang segmented, yellow skin, black, pieces of stone, white, from different field of Burma, open a mouth clean skin, open the mouth clean through, have a deal news, or rise or fall, JinRenShi listen to destiny. The play is in danger, and is seeking the by experience by wisdom by ancestors, god love, accumulated-merit overnight, this is classic bet stone. Fashion bet stone in Rangoon in pingzhou, in jieyang, the rock was all two, texture, want to bet on the show from the start, the protean among bet stone, half bright half dark, customers have a bit of a heart bottom to bet on the deal, play is a steady and wealth, for minimal risk is.
Classic with classic reason, the fashion fashion of reason. "Poor go four party nasty go field" is a special history of western yunnan phenomenon, "hurry go field" say is north of jade field. : In the field of the generation jade marketer, let the wool manufacturer to western yunnan each field mouth stone by heart. See stone know it produced in which a mouth, the field of mouth what characteristics, this stone is the basic skills; See, SongHua view with headstrong, practice an introduction to eyesight. Beginning in 2001, with the establishment of yangon, myanmar and plate, hisui wool continuously by sea to guangdong. Because of guangdong and myanmar are apart in Rangoon when male dish wollens has been cut, whether the original guangzhou, sihui, or catch up behind the ping chau, jieyang, been to jade field few people, people more used to buy has cut big of wool.
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Western yunnan bet stone business still stuck in the mystery of the seed of the ShiYuan bet, opened a window of the material, the western yunnan bet stone business mostly doesn't recognize it bet stone's identity, and in guangdong and Rangoon bet stone business insist that want to open a wool into two before they would bet on open.

Classic and fashion is always to encounter, location of choice in ruili bet shicheng. This covers an area of 3.7 hectares, focus on the more than 20 bet stone shops of the gambling shicheng, nearly half merchants from shenzhen, jieyang, pingzhou, half of the merchants of yingjiang and sit, ruili bet stone business.
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While the classic and fashion, face-to-face bet stone is what color?

Zheng (jieyang bet stone business) : get the stone, in ruili before dispersed, time-consuming, and the information is on the stone in small range communication, to find a piece of her own satisfaction material is very difficult. Get up, bet on shicheng focused on the material, information on, greatly facilitate the foreign merchants. We

Said to bet stone way, we from jieyang, pingzhou to friends or like a sword cut of the stone, although the price is high, but with some of our habits, see the half, the in the mind is safe. A bit of the material in there, not KaiKouZi, even if the price is lower, I also can't bet, the risk is too big, play not to come. Luck beautiful bet a lot of original in shicheng in guangdong play bet stone, they will be on the other side of the guangdong according to bet stone habit management, so they could attract a lot of nonlocal jade trader, to of person many, and a popular popular, bet shicheng is the major foundation.

Mr. Wang (shenzhen bet stone business) : the choice of bets on a fancy to main is shicheng ruili position. Luck beautiful, I don't say everybody knows it in this advantage; Next is the name, the atmosphere on shicheng, let a person have infinite imagination. I order of cutting machine and processing machine will soon arrival, open a bet stone store these things is indispensable. Bet stone, sure I will cut a mouth, not sure I will wipe a piece of skin, let a guest to play. Solution of the stone (bought up stones to take to cut, known as the "solution" is the piece of good stone. Cut called "solution", cut up worth is "solution break down") if the guest would like to to me and suitable price shop recycling.
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Mr. Zhang (1988 do bet stone so far, western yunnan old bet stone business) : well, the most bet stone is wipe on some skin, how can the cut that bet? !!!!!Like this not only bet on western yunnan here and play bet stone, Beijing guests also love to play this. Cut stone, as long as a little bit a little bit better, prices will go up at once, even if a bet on margin also not very big. The original stone, or cleaning of the skin of opening a low prices, rose solution can earn big money. A lot of my customers also find this special Beijing stone, cut them not, that goes sour. Also, the original stone, bet on to a piece of good stone is a legend, is very attractive. Luck beautiful bet stone city such original rock some more, would attract a lot of real gambling house. Ace platforms, there will be many good to see.

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